檸 檬 雞 Lemon Chicken 11.75
無 骨 雞 Polynesian Chicken 11.75
蘑 菇 雞 Moo Goo Gai Pan 11.75
杏 仁 雞 Chicken with Almonds 11.75
雪 豆 雞 Chicken with Snow Peas 11.75
甜 酸 雞 Sweet and Sour Chicken 11.75
腰 果 雞 Chicken with Cashew Nuts 12.45
合 桃 雞 Chicken with Walnuts 12.45
雜 菜 雞 Chicken with Mixed Vegetables 11.75
芥 蘭 雞 Chicken with Broccoli 11.75
咖 喱 雞 Curry Chicken 11.75
成 都 雞 Chicken Szechuan Style 11.95
宮 保 雞 Kung Po Chicken 11.95
魚 香 雞 Chicken with Garlic Sauce 11.95
豆 仔 雞 Chicken with Green Beans 11.95
香 醉 鴨 Crispy Duck (Half) 15.95


Upgrade your Dinner Plate to a Combo Plate
(Includes fried rice, egg roll and choice of Hot & Sour Soup, Wonton Soup, or Egg Drop Soup)…$4.00

All Dinner Entrees are served with Steamed Rice. Substitute Fried rice Add $1.00


chili Indicates Hot and Spicy Dishes